Data Center

CheckMate Communications & Electric provides full electrical and low voltage communications services, for Data Centers. CheckMate Communications & Electric employs electricians who are industry experts in the installation of Emergency Stand-by Generators. Multi/ Single module UPS/Battery Systems, diverse path electrical distribution systems, complete control wiring and grounding systems. In    creating a secure and efficient computer room design, special consideration must be given to good planning and the implementation of the right technologies. The success of your design is dependent upon a systems analysis of the IT load that will be supported by the power and cooling infrastructure. CheckMate Communications & Electric Analysis methodology combines the engineering and technology expertise needed to ensure accurate profiling of the existing load, load requirements for current and potential future IT loads.

This allows CheckMate Communications & Electric to deliver and support upgrades, replacements, and tuning of existing power and cooling facility supporting infrastructure. Along with installations, our skilled staff is qualified to thoroughly test the installed network cabling. Whether you need complete Data Center design services or Data Center Installation of key implementation only, CheckMate Communications & Electric offers a wide variety of installation services including:


  • Cold Aisle Containment
  • Custom Cold Aisle Containment Systems
  • Data Center Design
  • Data Center Build Services
  • Data Center Cabling Services
  • Data Center Power Cable Services
  • Water Cooled Data Cabinets
  • Full line of Cabinets/Enclosures/Racks
  • Data Center Cable Management
  • Fiber Routing Systems
  • 10 gigabit Cabling- 40 Gigabit Cabling
  • Shielded and Unshielded Copper Cabling Solutions
  • MPO – MTP – Pre-Terminated Fiber and Copper Solutions
  • Data Center Structured Cabling
  • APC – PDU and UPS
  • Power Solutions
  • Cooling Solutions- Cold Aisle Containment Systems
  • New Construction and Building retro-fits
  • Standards & Certifications

“No excuses” that’s our promise. CheckMate Communications & Electric is here for the long term, so we want to get it right and on time so that we will be your supplier of choice for years to come.